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607 Shoe liners

3,50 € pro Stück

Unisex shoe liners
Unisex socks perfect to wear with moccasin shoes or women's shoes that need an invisible sock.
In 100% Makò cotton, twisted and mercerized, smooth knit, excellent fit, light knit, available in all sizes like classic socks.
Excellent quality-price ratio, indispensable complement for comfortable and hygienic dressing in the summer season. Made with cotton yarn grown in Egypt in the Nile Valley. It has strong and naturally shiny mid-length fibers. The spinning of this cotton is entirely made in Italy by the company Filmar spa, a company certified by the Oeko-Tex International Institute for the use of dyes that are not harmful to health.

For socks not present in the catalog please contact us directly.


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